At Poise Pilates+Barre Studio located in downtown Bakersfield, our mission is to provide clients with an exercise program that helps attain and maintain a uniformly developed body. Through a powerful mind body connection, increased flexibility, strength and balance, our clients will easily perform varied tasks in life with spontaneity and pleasure. The instructors at Poise Pilates+Barre want to help you perfect your proportions, get stronger, longer, and leaner through a safe working environment fit to your needs.

Pilates is more than exercise, it is a mind and body experience! Developed over 80 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates, the repertoire can be performed on various pieces of apparatus including the Cadillac, Step Barrel, Reformer, Wunda Chair or simply on a mat. The emphasis of the work starts with a strong, balanced and stable core. The core is an intricate unit of muscles that work synergistically and create a more efficient foundation from which our movement originates. Often, we overuse or underuse muscles of the core and in turn our whole body, creating imbalances that can eventually lead to poor posture, tension, injury and limited mobility.

Pilates is dedicated to restoring muscular balance, increasing functional strength and flexibility, lubricating and mobilizing joints, improving body alignment and posture, and heightening body control and awareness.

Pilates can enhance everyone’s life activities making it very unique. The results can be profound no matter what your current age or condition holds. Remember, everyone has his or her own challenges because no two bodies or minds are the same. Pilates is for everybody- young, old, injured, man, woman, child, ill, fit, overweight, athletic, strong…We welcome you to try for yourself.