Poise Pilates+Barre Studio of Bakersfield is a light and open space located in downtown Bakersfield, California equipped with the complete repetoire of Pilates machines, ballet barre, TRX and accessories. Our Balanced Body equipment consists of 6 Studio Reformers, 4 Studio Reformers with Tower, 1 Cadillac/Trapeze Table, 1 Ladder Barrel, 1 Wunda Combo Chair, 4 EXO Wunda Chairs and a separate barre room with 14 TRX® Suspension Trainers. Our instructors are certified and fully capable of using the Pilates method to design a workout that is safe and challenging for any level. 

A group class consists of 3-6 people on the studio reformer from Pilates Equipment by Balanced Body. Group reformer classes are designed for those with a moderate amount of Pilates experience who are looking for small classes that still provide individual attention. For people new to the work or those wishing to fine tune their practice, private lessons are the way to go. Working one on one allows the instructor to focus on the specific needs of the individual more specifically than in a group class.  Classes are 50-55 minutes.

**3 Private Pilates sessions required before joining a group class.

This class is up to 15 people and is the newest low impact way to sculpt your body. Barre class integrates the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body.  Our Barre room is equipped with all the accessories needed for this 50-55 minute class.

**Socks are required for Barre.

The TRX® Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. The 50-55 minute class is taught in either a tempo or circuit format and is fast paced moving quickly to torch calories!

**Socks are required for TRX.